Jan Scholten

Cuprum metallicum is a well known remedy. Vithoulkas has described its essence very well (1991) and Smits (1993) has contributed a great deal to the overall picture.

The name Cuprum is related to Cyprus, where it has been mined since ancient times. We don’t know which of these two names is the oldest. Copper and gold are the two most ancient metals known to man. They are also the only coloured metals.
Statues and bells are cast out of bronze, which is a combination of copper and tin. Its alloy with zinc is called ‘messing’, often used in medals, coins, cooking utensils. Copper is also used to make water pipes, taps and containers, because of its corrosion restistant properties.
Copper is a good conductor of electricity, hence its use in electric cables, transformers, electric engines etc. The latest developments in superconductors are all based on ceramic materials that have copper oxide as its main compo-nent. The only metal that is even more conductive is silver, but it is also much more expensive.