Jan Scholten

Cola nitida

There is a strange mix of power and weakness. They have the impulse and intention to do great things and become very seen and known. On the other hand they feel too unsure to push things through. They have an impulse and then give up. It is only with the support and recognition of others that they can go on. They feel like a great person who can achieve a lot or at least should achieve. But they lack direction and focus so they do not get things done. It is like a power lacking steering. They are easily distracted, sucked away by trifles, as if going into a tornado.
They have a strong desire to know and understand everything, insatiable need for information, eager to learn, a very good memory, mentally very strong.

Desire to demonstrate their superiority and power.
Anger, irritable, aggression, argumentative, struggle with husband, superiors, dictator; anger even towards my superiors, < contradiction, < not getting attention, < not taken seriously, < not being accepted.
Work hectic; doing a lot, ineffective.
Active, fast, energetic, excited, cheerful, enthusiast.
Mind active, joking, creative, precocious, alert, curious, intelligent.
Desire order, tidying, vacuum cleaners.
Theme: powerful insight; bright light; discover true image; telepathic; predict; mentally capable; empathy; give that person the best possible help.
Erotic; likes cuddles, sex; charismatic effect on women; mentally undress every woman; desire motion, dance, music, rhythm.
Good-tempered, sociable, positive feelings.
Guilt, humiliation, despair.
Domineering, they like to have the last word.
Enterprising and have a lot of confidence.
Music is important to them.
Sensitive, < noise.
Ailments from wounded honour.
Fear: injuries; tornado; vacuum cleaners; new, unknown; failure.
Delusion: being a great person, better than others, being invincible.
Delusion: alone in the world, neglected his duty.
Delusion: paralysis; sawing hand off; limbs enlarged, shrinking, absent, separated from body; fingers grow together.
Dreams: animals, spiders, wolves.
Dream: embarrassing, being exposed in front of friends; threat, persecution, pursuit, danger; birth and death; screams about children who freeze to death; child's burial; moral guilt, bad conscience.

Weather: warm.
Desire: milk cold, chocolate, sugar, coffee, spicy, meat, fat, egg, tomato, ice, drinks; food.
Physical: desire exertion.
Sleep: sleepless.

Energy: worn out.
Nervous, trembling, < tired.
Nose: chronic colds.
Mouth: stained teeth.
Lungs: bronchitis; asthma; whooping cough.
Heart: palpitation.
Rectum: diarrhoea: stool sour, acrid.
Skin: eczema.