Jan Scholten

Cadmium metallicum is not mentioned in any of the old homoeopathic books. Julian (1979) and Stephenson (1986) have written a report on a proving, Dam told me he has done a proving and Shah has shown a Cadmium case once.

The name is derived from the Greek word ‘kadmia’, meaning earth. Cadmea used to be another name for Zincoxide. It was discovered in 1817.
Cadmium is usually found in combination with Zinc. Its capacity to absorb neutrons is very high. It is a component in nickel-cadmium batteries and in colouring agents, in the form of bright yellow or bright red cadmiumsulphide. It is also used in telephone and tram cables. Asteria rubens, Cannabis sativa and Tabacum contain high amounts of Cadmium.