Jan Scholten

They have a simple world-view. Their own life and family is the most important issue in life. There is no concept of society and culture as being important. One can imagine the lifestyle of nomad people.

They are still easy overlooked, ignored.
Serve the earth in a silent, unrecognised manner: 'you can keep on stirring another year, I will by no means divulge anything’.
Secrets not revealed.
Very closed up, by no means to be opened.
Worlds of fairy tales, ancient world inhabited by elves and dwarfs.
Mind not accessible, like another world which must not be entered.
Preconscious conditions.
Childlike innocence, one- to three-year-old child, child songs.
Limited restricted states of mind: dumb, dull, silly.
Traumatic experiences: rape, hold ups; dissociative condition after traumatic experiences.
Indestructible, fighting to the very end, simple, unbeatable.
Desire sea, a bridge between sea and land, symbolise the first step out of the unconscious (sea) onto the conscious (land), thus representing preconscious states of mind.
Vulnerability, softness, hurt; soft and open; soft delicate child, delicate lady with long hair; the very soft and delicate, etheric world of a child

Weather: < son, > shade, moist; -> water, of flowing water.

General: heat, glowing; astringent; inflammation; ulcerations.
Mouth: mouth and tongue inflammation.
Abdomen: liver inflammation, ulcerations; jaundice; gall problems.
Skin: slices and freckles.