Jan Scholten

English: Bromeliads.
Dutch: Bromelias.
Use: decoration, room plants; fruits.
Botany: 57 genera; 3170 species; tropical Americas, cloud forests; septal nectaries; leaves in basal rosette, most widely patterned and coloured; inferior ovaries; inflorescence diverse, from 2 mm to 10 meters tall; some epiphytes, lithophytes, terrestrial; store water in their tightly-overlapping leaf bases.

In the Apg3 classification Bromeliaceae is a member of Poales.
In the Plant theory Poales is split into 3 groups: Cyperaceae, Poaceae and Bromeliaceae.
Bromeliaceae, with 57 genera, are Subphase 7 of the Commelinoids.

They have an inner conflict between their feeling of responsibility for the family and their desire to be free, without responsibilities. There is a contradiction between being part of the group and being an outsider. They like to really belong to a family but on the other hand to want to be free, have no bond or limitation whatsoever. Or the opposite is that they feel excluded from the family and want to be part of it.
They like to have fun, sex and play instead of working. Their playfulness and freedom can be very attractive. They can seduce the other sex quite easily with their flirty and charming attitude. But when it comes to responsibilities they have problems, they do not respond. It is the theme of the macho.
Another situation is where they have lost their family. They feel alone and miss their family background. The obvious support from the past is missing.
They have a desire for easy living, having fun with friends, being easy going and without much responsibility. They need to feel free. They feel best when they are supported by a family from where they can go out with friends and partner and have fun. The responsibilities of daily life are too much for them, especially when there are problems, like ilnesses or financial worries.
It can be the situation of a woman who left her children alone in the care of her husband. Or a husband who has left his children in the care of his wife. Or for the spouse who is left with the care of his children, feeling the heaviness of that responsibility alone, after his wife has left or died.

Duet: man woman.
Desire to be free from responsibilities, without pressure and feeling forced.
Desire to have fun, parties, to be free and to feel joy.
Ailments from worries, financial shortfall.
Ailments from loss of parents, relatives, family members.
Ailments from loss of home, position, stature, respect, validation, acknowledgement.
Emotional, intense, overwhelming.
Rootless, nostalgia for home.

Desire: alcohol; drugs.

Fever: Dengue fever
Lungs: hyperventilation.
Heart: palpitation; angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis.
Stomach: gastritis: pain, burning, < alcohol, salt.