Jan Scholten


In this chapter homeopathic books are placed.
1. Homeopathy and Minerals
2. Homeopathy and the Elements
3. Secret Lanthanides
4. Wonderful Plants
5. Lamu provings
6. Kenton provings
7. Sense provings
8. Boericke Materia medica
9. Allen’s keynotes
10. Lippe keynotes
11. Synoptic key by Boger

Qjure books
The new “books” are the encyclopaedia of the Qjure website. Qjure itself is the basic book, containing the pictures of the remedies and groups. The other “Qjure books” give additional and background information.

Qjure: essential remedy pictures.
Qjured: cases.
Qjurings: provings.
Qjurement: comments.
Qjurious: information like names, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, taxonomy, cultural aspects, use and the like.