Jan Scholten

Aurum is a metal that has been well known since the old days. It has also played an important role in homeopathy since the very beginning. Vithoulkas (1991) describes the theme of gloom and doom and the suicidal impulses. Sankaran (1991) has also pointed out the responsible and serious side of the remedy. These two versions are the two poles of Aurum. But they mainly emphasise the overall themes of the Gold series.
The most characteristic aspect of Aurum however is the them of guarding his flock. Aurum cannot let down the person or the task that has been entrusted into his care. This theme is beautifully portrayed in a nightmare of an Aurum patient who repeatedly saw his people falling down a huge crack in the ground during an earthquake.
As soon as Aurum is unable to live up to his responsibilities he is inclined to drop everything. Eventually he will drop himself, preferably from a great height.

Aurum is originally a Latin name. Gold is named after he English word ‘geolo’, meaning yellow. It has been known since as far as records go back in time. Its chemical symbol is Au.
Gold has always been used in coins, crowns, jewels, medals and other objects of value. The weight of gold is expressed in names like gold ‘bars’, bar meaning heavy, like in Barium. Gold was melted down into heavy bars to facilitate storage. The noble character is still preserved even in names like dental crowns, which are made of gold. It is also used in electric points.