Jan Scholten

Astatinum is an unknown remedy. It has not been potentised yet, partly because it has such a short lifespan.
If we look at the three main miasms, psora, sycosis and syphilis, in relation to the periodic table we can see that there are certain similarities. The upper periods are rather psoric, the Iron series is mainly sycotic, and the Gold series containing Aurum, Mercurius and Plumbum are mainly syphilitic. Going from left to right in each individual period we can see a similar trend. On the left side we see the psoric remedies who are being confronted with a problem, in the middle we see the sycotic remedies who are trying to solve the problem, and on the right side we find the syphilitic remedies, such as Fluor, Bromium and Iodum, who want to give up. So there is an increasing syphilitic tendency going from left to right and from the top towards the bottom. Astatinum is at the very bottom, furthest to the right, so it is the most syphilitic remedy of them all. The very short lifespan of Astatinum is further proof of its destructive tendency.

The name Astatinum is derived from the Greek word ‘a-statos’, meaning unstable.
It only has a short lifespan, the average half life of the various isotopes is only about 7 to 8 hours. Its chemical symbol is At. Concentrations of Astatinum can be found in the thyroid gland.