Jan Scholten


Arthritis, inflammation of joints, has many different causes and forms. The chronic forms often (about 80%) have an auto-immune origin, which is a strong indication for the Lanthanides. In particular's the Lanthanides oxydatum and sulphuricum are similar to them, but all salts can be indicated. The following analysis highlights the similarities.

Arthritis has the following symptoms:
- Arthritis.
- Deformation.
- Handicapped.
- Often after suppressed diarrhea.
- Cause: auto-immune.
- Mind: wronged.

The following connections can be seen:
- Deformation: Oxygen.
- Handicapped: Oxygen, Lanthanides.
- After suppressed diarrhea: Oxygen.
- Cause: auto-immune: Lanthanides.
- Mind: wronged: Oxygen.

Arthritis is not in all cases an auto-immune process. It can also be metabolic or infectious.
The theme of being handicapped can point to Oxygen; they need help obviously. But it can also point to Lanthanides with the loss of independence and autonomy.
Reiter's syndrome has similar qualities: Gonorrhea, arthritis and iridocyclitis (Gold series.