Jan Scholten

Argentum nitricum is a good example of a remedy that has been over prescribed. This was a result of the fact that we did not know many other Nitricums, so it was often given when another Nitricum would have been more appropriate. The Argentum part of the picture was not very well known until recently. The fact that Argentum nitricum was so well known was mainly due to its use in allopathic medicine against a.o. eye infections in babies, hence it was high on the list of early provings.
The result was that the Argentum picture became very big and almost got too many symptoms, many of them non-specific, as we will see later on in the ‘Expressions’.
Before I wrote this chapter I looked at six old Argentum nitricum cases, most of them taken about 5-6 years ago. There were several things that I noticed. First of all in every single case the prescription had been based on the main symptom of severe fright: fear with palpitations, fear of heights, fear of narrow spaces, fear of shops, streets etc. Secondly it struck me that I had not bothered to dig out a deeper theme in any of these cases, they were what you might call very ’superficial cases’. At least this is how I view them now, and with hind sight I realise I could have asked many more questions. So I have chosen the best out of these six, a case that provides at least a little background information.