Jan Scholten

Aptenia cordifolia

Feeling of being trampled on, walked over, not seen; lost, sad.
Happy, jolly, warm hearted; delight; embracing; loving, warm, caring, nurturing.
Cannot get help from anyone; could not speak.
Locked inside, shaken, trapped; dependent.
Delusion: being drawn downwards, backwards; walked over; being pulled apart; shaken; nothing of you is left; sucked out, vacuumed; totally dependent.
Energy: weak; hands weak and shaky.
Fear: alone.
Laughing < fear.
Innocent, attractive, attracting.
Special secret; hidden; buried.
Theme: small versus big; not recognised; exposed, danger, vulnerable, needing protection; precious cargo, special.
Theme: dark, sinister, shadow; bright, light, sunshine, beauty, vibrancy, vivacious.
Theme: heavy, weight, tired, worn out; light, relaxed, letting go, open, friendly.
Empty inside because all power goes outside; reaching out, closing inward.
Soft, fleshy, radiant, colourful, cushy, juicy, open, strong leaf.
Time speeding up and slowing back down again.
Still, quiet; composed, resilient; generosity, humility, it is okay.
Grandmother love, caring love.
Nourishment, wanting to be silent.
Reproduction, child.
Themes: sea shore, sun, sea, sand, rocky coast; strength, robust, delicate, metal; beauty; fleshy, life, showy; star burst, fireworks.
Softness, gentle, small, blood, lymph.
Alone but happy.
Comfortable; confident; sparkling.
Spinning; whooshing through a tunnel at speed.
Triumph, achievement.
Annoyance, pissed off.
At first something about decay, about the edges.
Confusion as to direction.
Floating, lightness, calmness.
Magnetised, warm glow, hypnotising.
Foetus in the womb.
Anchor of a ship.
Something to do with father.
Feeling I am going out of myself.
As if in the presence of something still and sacred.
Out of death, springs new life.
Pinch in the end of right leg.

Sensation: crushed; spongy; expanding, tight.
Weather: > outside; < wet, damp.
Desire: drinks, thirst, quenching.
Sleep: restless.

Nervous system, dendrites, axons, neurons.
Head: drawn backwards; heavy, falling to the right; brain jumping; vertex separate or lifting off, vibrating.
Eyes: heavy; twitching; pain right eye; tears in left eye; vision clarity, rotating; left eyebrow pressure; pressure in the corner of left eye.
Face: pain sudden, right cheek; frowning.
Throat: difficulty to swallow.
Mouth: tingling lips.
Lungs: suffocated; cough, < tickling in left throat, < holding it in, from being nice friendly, jovial and cheerful to please others; cannot breathe, need a deep breath.
Heart: spreading, expanding; open; tight; funny; pulse hard, racing.
Chest: opening; tight, behind sternum; heavy; oppressed, constricted; expanded, expanding; pulsation; deep sensation, unpleasant.
Urinary: left kidney, stitching pain.
Male: impotence.
Back: pain right scapula, sharp; heaviness in root chakra, grounded; pain, stiffness back of neck, left side.
Limbs: weight in shoulders pushing down; itching in right forearm better stretching; right hand and wrist feel very heavy; aching pain in right foot; tingles in legs; pain right hand, arthritic; left foot itching strongly, back itching, right foot itching; heavy legs; pain calves, pulled down, deep down into back tread; vibrations, feet, legs, thighs; sweaty palms; stitching pain left knee; hot hands, then cold; fingers stiff; twitching left calf, back to right again; nice muscle fasciculation.
Skin: itchy; watery blister; sting, like hornet, wasp.