Jan Scholten

Ampelodesmos mauritanicus, Arundo mauritanica

Sweat: copious, offensive, feet.
Desire: acids.

Head: pain, deep seated, sides, occiput, extends to right ciliary region; itching; falling off of hair; roots of hair painful; pustules.
Eyes: itch conjunctiva.
Ears: burning, itching, in auditory canals; eczema behind ears.
Nose: catarrh; hayfever, burning, itching, annoying, palate, roof of the mouth, nostrils; coryza; loss of smell; sneezing.
Face: neuralgic pains, extending to shoulders and pubis.
Mouth: burning and itching; bleeding of gums; cracks, ulcers, exfoliations, commissures; fissures in tongue.
Lungs: dyspnoea; cough; bluish expectoration.
Chest: burning and pain in nipples.
Stomach: coldness in stomach; refuse the idea of vomiting.
Abdomen: movement, as if something alive; pain at pubic region.
Rectum: flatulence; stool greenish; diarrhoea of nursing children, < dentition; burning anus.
Urinary: burning; urine red sediment.
Male: pain in spermatic cord < coition.
Female: menses too early, profuse; desire with vaginal pruritus.
Limbs: oedema of hands and feet; burning and swelling of soles.
Skin: eczema, itching, burning crawling, chest, arms; fissures in fingers and heels.

DD: Chamomilla, Calcium phosphoricum, Lycopodium, Natrium muriaticum, Wyethia.