Jan Scholten

610.00.00 Amborellanae
Botany: flowers unisexual; wood vessels absent; stamens numerous, laminar.
DD: Hydrogen series.

In the Apg3 classification Amborellales is placed at the beginning of the Angiospermae. It consists of a very primitive plant that is not close to any other of the Angiospermae. The name Amborellanae is not used in the Apg3 classification.
In the Plant theory Amborellales is seen as very separate, the first clade within its own special Class Amborellanae and Subclass Amborellidae. The Class Amborellanae and Subclass Amborellidae were necessary to place Abborelllaes in a Class and Subclass. It is an expression of the special state of the Hydrogen Series quality in the Plant Kingdom.
Amborellanae have only 1 Subclass Amborellidae, 1 Order Amborellales, 1 Family Amborellaceae, 1 Genus Amborella and 1 Species Amborella trichipoda.