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They have a multifaceted view. They tend to see things from the sides of themselves and many others. That makes that their consultations are less orderly, changing from one subject to another. Every aspect leads to an aspect of someone else. This leads to a feeling as things are not fixed, unclear, foggy, woolly. Whatever is said there is always another point of view.
They do not only see things from many points of view they also change their behaviour accordingly. They are sensitive to what others think and feel and thus change their behaviour accordingly.



They have a strong quality of hierarchy. It is about who is the best and takes the highest position. This leads to the theme of competition. Competition is present also in the other kingdoms but it is more extreme in the animal kingdom. Attached to it is the theme of alliances, alliances bring more power. Alliance themes can also be found in the Plant kingdom to a lesser degree but are absent in the Mineral kingdom. Killing is a strong aspect of the Animal kingdom which is absent in other kingdoms. Plants can take away space to survive from others, which can lead to death but it is not direct killing. Animals have the direct killing quality.



An important issue is the one sided view. They see things mostly from one perspective, their own perspective. Even when they are very sensitive and perceive all the sensitivities of other persons they interpret them from their own perspective. This makes them very orderly in their presentation. They tend to be orderly in everything, their work, their bookkeeping, clothes, car, house.


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Kavalama urens

Kavalama urens General Desire: food, hunger. Body General: obesity. Rectum: constipation, mild.

Euphorbia cyparissias

Euphorbia cyparissias General Weather: chilliness. Body Stomach: vomiting, violent. Rectum: diarrhoea, with cold sweat. Skin: erythema, warts; fine vesicles on right cheek en right wrist, ulnar side forearm, erysipelatous, molar region, livid or dark red, leaving skin...

Ficus pertusa

Ficus pertusa, Ficus padifolia Body General: cancer.

Ficus tsjakela

Ficus tsjakela, Ficus venosa Pakur. Body Discharge: haemorrhages from bowels and lungs.

Jatropha gossypiifolia

Jatropha gossypiifolia Body Stomach: gastroenteritis. Skin: boils and rashes; leprosy.

Lespedeza capitata

Lespedeza capitata Body Urinary: urine scanty. Heart: hypercholestrolaemia.

Lespedeza thunbergii

Lespedeza thunbergii, Lespedeza sieboldi Body Urinary: uremia; kidney insuffficiency.

Mercurialis annua

Mercurialis annua Body Stomach: nausea. Abdomen: liver problems; jaundice. Urinary: urine scanty. Skin: warts.

Micromelum pubescens

Micromelum pubescens Mind Aversion: complaining, lamenting. Desire: working, going on. Depressed. Body Abdomen: flatulence; diabetes. Female: after childbirth.