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Commiphora myrrha

Year 2017, Issue 1, Article 3Author: Elaine Smith

Man, 51, asthma, emotional issue He is a lawyer working as an administrative judge. His asthma recently returned. He has coughing, phlegm, runny nose, hoarseness, accelerated and uncomfortable breathing, with a feeling that he cannot control his breathing. It is worse...

Nierembergia scoparia

Year 2016, Issue 1, Article 1Author: Martin Jakob

Case: Nierembergia scoparia 665.73.07 Man 50 y. recurring numbness, tingling and coldness, of hands and feet; < damp cold, overexertion; often dizzy; He has had a hard youth, his father had the point of view that his children are there to work. The father was...


Year 2015, Issue 1, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Caryophyllaceae The Caryophyllaceae were not well divided in Subphases in the first version of the Plant theory. The lack of information and remedies made that too speculative. Recent information and rpovings of new remedies has made the division possible. The...

Lachnanthes caroliniana

Year 2014, Issue 1, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Welcome on Qjure, on this first blog. In these blogs new information will be discussed, updates of remedies, their place in the Plant theory, povings and cases with the conclusions that can be drawn from them. It will be many facetted, trying to bring new ideas in an...

Lachnanthes caroliniana

Year 2014, Issue 1, Article 2Author: Ulrich Welte

Lachnanthes caroliniana Woman, 60, marriage problems. Case by Ulrich Welte. She comes across as uptight, ambitious, gets what she wants, can be pushy, has a burning look or penetrating gaze, not really pleasant to deal with, hard, mostly in a hurry and often without...

Lachnanthes caroliniana

Year 2014, Issue 1, Article 3Author: Andrea Zarth

Lachnanthes caroliniana Man, 25, arthritis. XXX Case by Andrea Zarth. He has arthritis and muscle twitching and then acutely got a stiff neck and had crazy pain when turning the head. After 2 doses Lachnanthes caroliniana 1000 his twitching and his chronic arthritis...

Lachnanthes caroliniana

Year 2014, Issue 1, Article 4Author: Jan Scholten

Lachnanthes caroliniana Man, 30, neck pain. He has sudden neck pains when he turns he head fast. Then he gets an electric like, shooting pain, which feel like his muscles get into a cramp and become very tight. He has to move his head very carefully for a few minutes...

Lachnanthes caroliniana

Year 2014, Issue 1, Article 5Author: Alex Leupen

Lachnanthes caroliniana Case by Alex Leupen The man who enters cannot be overlooked. he is a burly figure with a round bald head, grey suit and pink tie and above all has an aura of self-confidence. The roguish look in his eyes softens his image of strength and power....

Lachnanthes caroliniana

Year 2014, Issue 1, Article 6Author: Ulrich Welte 2

Lachnanthes caroliniana Woman, 65, sinusitis bronchitis. Case by Ulrich Welte. She is uptight, not very unkind, but still difficult enough for her husband. He accompanies her in the consultation, a nice Italian man, but no sooner does he say something that she...

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