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Year 2019, Issue 1, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Dear member of Qjure It took a long time. But at last here is the new version of Qjure. It has several new features that will be a benefit for you as a member. The first is that the blog has become a Journal. It is integrated into the database and can be searched...


Year 2019, Issue 1, Article 2Author: Jan Scholten

Piperales Introduction Piperales have become very important in my homeopathic practice. The essential theme is that of a neglected and abused child. It is a child that is unloved not appreciated and even beaten. Or a child that has been sexually abused by their...


Year 2019, Issue 1, Article 3Author: Jan Scholten

Piperales The classification of the Piperales still needs further work, but they are an important group in our practice. They are needed for neglected children, children been left alone. The cases in this edition will show these aspects clearly. The Piperales have...

Peperomia urocarpa

Year 2019, Issue 1, Article 4Author: Jan Scholten

Peperomia urocarpa Woman, 45, cystitis and vaginitis. She has vaginitis, which gives a burning pain. She had colonoscopy and after it had cystitis with bacteria's resistant to antibiotics. It is due to a Cesarian section, which blocks her energy. She was a sweet,...

Peperomia urocarpa

Year 2019, Issue 1, Article 5Author: Martin Jakob

Peperomia urocarpa A thirty-five-year-old woman is suffering from Raynaud's disease for 17 years. Her fingers and toes become very painful triggered by a cold or psychological stress. The period is from a few minutes to long-lasting pains to more often a day. Triggers...

Peperomia argyreia

Year 2019, Issue 1, Article 6Author: Martin Jakob

Peperomia argyreia 665.62.05 Man 50 y. suffers from mood swings and torments himself with his weakness in decision making. He grew up in poor circumstances. He doesn't know himself and doesn't know what he is able to do. His parents started building their house when...

Peperomia argyreia

Year 2019, Issue 1, Article 7Author: Martin Jakob

Peperomia argyreia 622.62.05 Man 30 years with eczema in the elbows and hollows of the knees. He has a nervous stomach. He is very worried about his health, every ailment he has to analyse carefully. He is afraid of hospitals. Right after his birth he was separated...

Strychnos tieute

Year 2018, Issue 1, Article 1Author: Elaine Smith

Case RS, by Lynn Smith . First seen 27/2/15 Patient is female, 53 years old. Brown eyes, pixie smile. Presenting complaints Headaches, tearfulness. Headaches of 3 days duration, begin with light sensitive eyes with visual disturbance, and pain in eyes from splash of...

Acidum sulphuricum

Year 2017, Issue 2, Article 2Author: Anne Vervarcke

Female, 21 years One of Jeremy Sherr’s patients in Africa. It is important to know that in the cultural context there, for a woman it is of greatest importance to have children. Consultation February 2012 In 2009 she got Calcium carbonicum When she failed her exams,...

Musa paradisiaca

Year 2017, Issue 2, Article 3Author: Anne Vervarcke

Male, 35 years, married, 2 children His wife is in treatment as well, and from her the homeopath knew that they quit their job and sold their house to go on a sabbatical trip in nature for about a year. He comes for a first consultation after this trip. He is a very...

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