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Aulacomnium palustre

Year 2020, Issue 2, Article 5Author: Christina Ari

Aulacomnium palustre Case by Christina Ari Case of an eight-year-old girl suddenly refusing to go to school, clearly unfounded. Already in the past it happened that she denied to join groups as swim or dance courses, although longing for it. When she approached with...

Ceratodon purpureus

Year 2020, Issue 2, Article 6Author: Gabriel Campuzano

Ceratodon Case by Gabriel Campuzano 26 july 2018 Woman 41 years old Has Thyroid gland problems. After an abortion in the 5th week there was an alteration in the thyroid. May 2017 She has the desire to be a mother and has been told she can’t have children with this...

Bryum capillare

Year 2020, Issue 2, Article 7Author: Jonathan Stallick

Bryum capillare Case by Jonathan Stallick A lady in her 60’s who had an abusive mother and who always told she would never amount to anything. When she first came to me had to think about every question for a long time. There is a childish element to her. She lives...

Anomodon viticulosus

Year 2020, Issue 2, Article 8Author: Martin Jakob

Anomodon viticulosus 3-333.62.06 Case by Martin Jakob A 34 year old woman suffers from PMS with severe menstrual pain, the blood is very clotty and she has a thyroid insufficiency. (She has read Jan Scholten's book with the secret lanthanides and she says there is a...

Bryum capillare

Year 2020, Issue 2, Article 9Author: Martin Jakob

Bryum capilare 3-333.22.13 Case by Martin Jakob A 55 year old woman diagnosed with acute polymorphic psychotic disorder. When asked what brings her to me, she says she has a mental disorder. In addition, she has diabetes type 2 and sleep disorders. I am waiting for a...


Year 2020, Issue 1, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial First of all best wishes for the new year 2020. This edition 6 cases are published of Wendy Hewland. She was a colourful homeopath and prescribed for many patients very well. She has given me some of them for publication, and they were lying in a drawer for...


Year 2020, Issue 1, Article 2Author: Wendy Hewland

MALE AGE 35 MALE AGE 35 FIRST VISIT 7/19/00 Complaint: loss of the high range of my singing voice and loss of vocal agility, folk/ rock 70s ish music, feels soreness after singing, loss of voice. Q: what was going on when it happened? A: voice bad for 10 months I’ve...


Year 2020, Issue 1, Article 3Author: Wendy Hewland

FEMALE AGE 54 FIRST VISIT 8/14/01 (FIRST AND ONLY REMEDY) Reason for visit is trying to recover from surgery. She has happy countenance, smiling face, sits down and says it’s so lovely to be here, thank you for seeing me. Q: dreams A: about 10 years ago I stopped...


Year 2020, Issue 1, Article 4Author: Wendy Hewland

FEMALE AGE 47 3/6/01 FIRST VISIT (FIRST AND ONLY REMEDY) Reason for visit: been severely depressed, want to get off Prozac and smoking pot, weight gain, (10 pounds) lack of energy, holding myself back, cold for a month, in chest - problem hearing in left ear - closes...

Cobaltum nitricum

Year 2020, Issue 1, Article 5Author: Wendy Hewland

MALE AGE 47 6/26/02 FIRST VISIT (FIRST AND ONLY REMEDY) He forgot our appointment, was late and takes 40 minutes to fill out forgotten intake form. Reason for visit: work work work! - not enough planning towards family, I’m angry most of the time, I have a short fuse,...

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