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Year 2020, Issue 6, Article 3Author: Heidi Brand

Boy, 16Y, ADHD (Bettina Kunz, Krailling) Parents divorced since he was 6 years old. Father was an alcoholic, violent. Kid comes into the office after three missed appointments. He's a yes man, can't say no, doesn't speak in first person, just "man, you" (Borons)...


Year 2020, Issue 6, Article 4Author: Heidi Brand

Adolescent 15 y, acne, high liver values (Bettina Kunz) Parents divorced, is left to himself all day, lets himself drift. On every question first "no idea"; as if my words needed time to get through to him. Where are you right now? "What? No idea." How does it feel?...


Year 2020, Issue 6, Article 5Author: Heidi Brand

Woman 58 years old, with sleep disorders, burning stomach pain, concentration problems and headaches (Bettina Kunz) Married, employed, mother of three children. She looks very well-groomed, is a bit nervous and sits upright and stiff. It seems as if she is laboriously...


Year 2020, Issue 6, Article 6Author: Heidi Brand

Woman 32 years old, migraine and constipation Migraines since puberty. My skin is burning. I swallow a lot. I'm sure if I tried to fight it at home, I'd probably get a bang every day. I don't like fighting, screaming, giving in and keeping quiet. I don't like...


Year 2020, Issue 6, Article 7Author: Heidi Brand

A remedy of Characeae, case Male 76, dementia after abdominal surgery, acute case Nursing case after emergency surgery for perforation of the stomach with 2 liters of pus in the abdomen. Trippling, stooping gait and stiff posture. Body is stiff. Already at noon he is...


Year 2020, Issue 6, Article 8Author: Heidi Brand

A remedy of Characeae 68-year-old female doctor, severe back pain and hip arthritis. Seems stiff and aged, introverted, absent and unhappy despite great social competence and compassion. Her gait is bent with small shuffling, tripping, unsteady steps. She always has...


Year 2020, Issue 6, Article 9Author: Ulrich Welte

A remedy of Characeae Proving by a male patient of the Kandern Clinic, Ulrich Welte   A healthy man of 60 years wanted to prove the remedy and had the following rather unpleasant but curative experience. He wrote it down during the proving. Here are his words:   A...


Year 2020, Issue 5, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Dear reader of Qjure I recently was pointed to a book about the periodic system linked to living beings. It is very interesting that the author, Antonio Lima-de-Faria, is originally a physicist and has made the connection of the Periodic system of elements with living...


Year 2020, Issue 5, Article 2Author: Jan Scholten

Case of a remedy from Lauraceae Woman, 55, parodontitis. She has all kinds of problems with her teeth: parodontosis, abscess, granuloma, bone decay. Her parents also had weak teeth and dental problems. As a child she had already caries and had fears for the dentist....


Year 2020, Issue 5, Article 3Author: Jan Scholten

Case of a remedy from Acanthaceae Woman, 60, bronchitis. With few real symptoms of illness I suddenly started coughing and after 24 hours I was a bit shivery, had only a little fever, 38 at the most, and sweating. I had muscle aches and a lot of headaches, also cold...

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