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Year 2021, Issue 5, Article 5Author: Peter Tumminello

Chiastolite immersion ‘Feeling numb, everything is nothing’ …. a case of Chiastolite immersion A woman age 55, who I had treating effectively with a series of medicines, attended my clinic at short notice. Her appearance was striking, as every item of her apparel, her...

Crystal structures

Year 2021, Issue 5, Article 6Author: Peter Tumminello

Conclusion Leading themes delineating the Orthorhombic structure are evident in all three cases. In the Zincum phosphoricum case it was her need to accommodate the river of requests of others. In the Marcasite case the identification of ‘sensibility’, his poignant...


Year 2021, Issue 4, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial In court cases of crime there is often discussion of the suspect is accountable for his deeds. They are psychologically examined to ascertain id they were accountable. This is a strange feature. From the homeopathic point of view all crime is an expression...

Anemone nemorosa

Year 2021, Issue 4, Article 2Author: Thomas Vyboch

Anemone remedy Case by Thomas Vyboch Man, 50 years; ailments after influenza and anxiety. Two years before he had influenza and he still feels as if he has some inflammation on chest. He feels burning in bronchi and he feels dryness in mouth. 
He would like to go back...

Anemone nemorosa

Year 2021, Issue 4, Article 3Author: Thomas Vyboch

Anemone remedy Case by Thomas Vyboch
Man, age 30, generalized anxiety disorder and food intolerance. He has an eczema on face and hands after eating ordinary food. He needs to be on a very strict diet. But what bothers him more is anxiety. It started when he was a...

Eranthis hyemalis

Year 2021, Issue 4, Article 4Author: Jan Scholten

Eranthis remedy Case 3-642.12.05 Face pain, neuralgia, < cold wind. A lot of fears, suicide in the family. Burn-out a few times, depression. Her brother committed suicide. Nice. First burn-out when her parents in law treated her unfairly. She fears that she cannot...

Actaea rubra

Year 2021, Issue 4, Article 5Author: A Bacon

Actaea rubra intoxication At first there was a most extraordinary pyrotechnic display of blue objects of all sizes and tints, circular with irregular edges; as one became interested in the spots a heavy weight was lowered on the top of the head and remained there,...


Year 2021, Issue 3, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial I recently read a book about a Jewish Polish girl who survived the holocaust. She was in the Warsaw getto, but fled to a small village in the south of Poland, where she was relatively safe. The writer discussed her safety there with a historian. The...

Rhus glabra

Year 2021, Issue 3, Article 2Author: Francis Heyman

A Rhus remedy Woman, 56, backache. Case by Francis Heyman Laurence is a tall and slender 56 year old lady; a math teacher at the town’s high school, she’s very invested in her work as she loves to transmit knowledge. A rather introverted character, she managed to...

Cotinus coggygria

Year 2021, Issue 3, Article 3Author: Ulrich Welte

A Cotinus remedy Case by Ulrich Welte.   A conceited judo fighter has a stiff spine. His spine is blocked as lashed with strap, he cannot relax. He thinks he is something special, takes up too much. He is indifferent to the interests of others and looks for his...