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Musa paradisiaca

Year 2017, Issue 2, Article 3Author: Anne Vervarcke

Male, 35 years, married, 2 children His wife is in treatment as well, and from her the homeopath knew that they quit their job and sold their house to go on a sabbatical trip in nature for about a year. He comes for a first consultation after this trip. He is a very...

Carnegiea gigantea

Year 2017, Issue 2, Article 4Author: Anne Vervarcke

Male, 48 years Intake October 2012 I am a very sensitive person, as a result, whether physical, mental or emotional, everything makes an imprint on me. Until my twenties I was relatively well, as a child I had some cough. Towards the end of my adolescence I caught...

Calcarea ovi testae

Year 2017, Issue 2, Article 5Author: Anne Vervarcke

Intake February 2014 He comes with visual artifacts; looks dull, depressed, unkept, untidy. Like he doesn't have the energy; he's not a bodybuilder type of guy, looks rather beaten down, having given up. Part of it is because he has a clinging kind of way to ask for...


Year 2017, Issue 1, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Two new cases by Elaine Smith. Burseraceae is a not so well known family, with Boswellia serrata and Commiphora myrrha as the most known. The cases confirm the themes of Burseraceae: feelings of guilt when ruling against someone, worse from injustice, empathy and...

Boswellia serrata

Year 2017, Issue 1, Article 2Author: Elaine Smith

Woman, 64, chronic and seasonal depression, anxiety. She is a nurse with a PhD, and currently is a professor in a nursing PhD program. She is considering changing jobs again, because she needs more meaning. She dislikes the bureaucracy, authoritarian conditions, and...

Commiphora myrrha

Year 2017, Issue 1, Article 3Author: Elaine Smith

Man, 51, asthma, emotional issue He is a lawyer working as an administrative judge. His asthma recently returned. He has coughing, phlegm, runny nose, hoarseness, accelerated and uncomfortable breathing, with a feeling that he cannot control his breathing. It is worse...

Nierembergia scoparia

Year 2016, Issue 1, Article 1Author: Martin Jakob

Case: Nierembergia scoparia 665.73.07 Man 50 y. recurring numbness, tingling and coldness, of hands and feet; < damp cold, overexertion; often dizzy; He has had a hard youth, his father had the point of view that his children are there to work. The father was...


Year 2015, Issue 1, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Caryophyllaceae The Caryophyllaceae were not well divided in Subphases in the first version of the Plant theory. The lack of information and remedies made that too speculative. Recent information and rpovings of new remedies has made the division possible. The...

Lachnanthes caroliniana

Year 2014, Issue 1, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Welcome on Qjure, on this first blog. In these blogs new information will be discussed, updates of remedies, their place in the Plant theory, povings and cases with the conclusions that can be drawn from them. It will be many facetted, trying to bring new ideas in an...

Lachnanthes caroliniana

Year 2014, Issue 1, Article 2Author: Ulrich Welte

Lachnanthes caroliniana Woman, 60, marriage problems. Case by Ulrich Welte. She comes across as uptight, ambitious, gets what she wants, can be pushy, has a burning look or penetrating gaze, not really pleasant to deal with, hard, mostly in a hurry and often without...

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