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Year 2019, Issue 5, Article 12Author: Rajan Sankaran

The Evolution of Sensation: A Synergistic Approach In Homoeopathic Practice By: Dr. Rajan Sankaran head, ‘the other song: international academy of advanced homoeopathy’ The Sensation Method is of vital importance to homeopathic practice but we cannot abandon our...

Lepidochelys olivacea

Year 2019, Issue 5, Article 2Author: Sujit Chatterjee

I Need to Hide in a Shell to Feel Safe – Analysis through Sensation Approach in a case of Rheumatoid Arthritis by Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, Senior Consultant and Faculty ‘the other song: International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy’ A 45-year-old female suffering from...

Androctonus amoreuxi

Year 2019, Issue 5, Article 3Author: Rishi Vyas

I am a Short-tempered, Selfish loner - A Case of Intense Anger and Anti-social Behaviour Author – Dr. Rishi Vyas, In-house Consultant, the other song I first saw this 32-year-old man on 13th July, 2013. When I first scanned the case record form filled by this person,...

Kalium nitricum

Year 2019, Issue 5, Article 4Author: Meghna Shah

An Illustration of Integrating The Sensation Method with Traditional Homoeopathy By Dr. Meghna Shah Dean – the other song (This case was previously published in ‘VOICE: E Newsletter of the other song, Volume III) On 22nd September 2011, a 44-year-old woman first came...

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Year 2019, Issue 5, Article 5Author: Paresh Vasani

An Illustrative Example of The Importance of the System in Homoeopathic Practice Dr. Paresh Vasani Consultant faculty - the other song (Note: D: Doctor, P: Patient, Italics: Consultant’s commentary, Bold: Pertinent portions in the case, HG: Hand Gestures) This is a...


Year 2019, Issue 5, Article 6Author: Mahesh Gandhi

An Understanding of the Lithium Series with the Sensation Approach Author : Dr. Mahesh Gandhi, M.D. (Psychiatry), Senior Consultant and Faculty, the other song Co-authors : Dr. Sneha Vyas, Resident Doctor, the other song Dr. Devang Shah, Resident Doctor, the other...

Ruta graveolens

Year 2019, Issue 5, Article 7Author: Pratik Desai

It is a Big Task to Turn the Side – A Case of Hip Joint Arthritis Author – Dr. Pratik Desai, In-house Consultant, the other song Here with this case, I would like to share my experience being associated with ‘the other song’ academy, working with legendary Dr Rajan...

Cenchris contortrix

Year 2019, Issue 5, Article 8Author: Jayesh Shah

Discovering the General by Meditating on the Local: Case of Blocked Sexuality By Dr. Jayesh Shah Senior Consultant & Faculty – the other song Dr. Devang Shah M.D. (Hom) In-house consultant - the other song Note to readers from Dr. Jayesh Shah: “I would like to...

Sepia officinalis

Year 2019, Issue 5, Article 9Author: Devang Shah

I AM NOT FREE TO DO WHAT I WANT – A CASE OF VASO MOTOR RHINITIS Author – Dr. Devang Shah, In-House Consultant, the other song. This is a case of 34-year-old female, a yoga instructor by profession. She was diagnosed with vasomotor rhinitis over the past 3 months. She...


Year 2019, Issue 4, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Dear member of Qjure In 2012 the NHMRC, the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, produced a report on homeopathy, but is was never published. A new research group was formed by the NHMRC and they produced a second report, which was published in...

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