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Qjure Journal 2022, Issue 4

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Year 2022, Issue 4, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Dear member of Qjure, In this issue of the Journal Qjure you will find some very nice articles about remedies of the Solanales. The Solanaceae are the sole family in the order of Solanales. In the first version of the Plant theory, the Convolvulaceae were also member...

Schultesianthus megalandrus

Year 2022, Issue 4, Article 4Author: Martin Jakob

A Solanaceae remedy Woman, 24, depression. Her mother is suicidal and has done a suicide attempt three times. When she was 6 she saw her mother after such an attempt in blood. She is very depressed, suicidal herself, one time jumped out of a car in an impulse. Then...

Solanum lycopersicum

Year 2022, Issue 4, Article 5Author: Martin Jakob

A Solanaceae remedy Woman, 80, cough. She developed the cough after the death of her husband. He had a heart attack, fell and died. She called the doctors, they did a reanimation. It was a horrible situation. The threat reminded her of her childhood, where she and...

Petunia integrifolia

Year 2022, Issue 4, Article 6Author: Tomas Vyboch

A Solanaceae remedy – Male, 22 year, sclerosis multiplex. He was diagnosed with sclerosis multiplex six years ago. He is treated by classical medicine however his condition got worse for the last half a year. He is very tired. He sleeps from 10 to 12 hours a day. His...