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Qjure Journal 2021, Issue 7

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Year 2021, Issue 7, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial In homeopathy the individualisation of every case is very important. The homeopathic therapist has to find the most special and unique symptoms to be able to find the best and most similar remedy. Sometimes though I get the feeling that this idea is over...

Rosa damascena

Year 2021, Issue 7, Article 2Author: Anne Wirtz

Case of a Rosa remedy Male born 1949, married for 22 years, no children to his regret, loves his wife but couldn't help to fall in love with other women. The first years it was only platonic, but it came to a real relationship some years ago. After this ending it came...

Morus nigra

Year 2021, Issue 7, Article 3Author: Michaela Zorzi

Case Morus remedy by Michaela Zorzi Woman, 45, depression. She was suffering from a depression for 10 years. Her main complaint is her family, her husband and the two daughters. She always feels limited by them, by doing a lot of work for them. She feels not...

Humulus lupulus

Year 2021, Issue 7, Article 4Author: Jan Scholten

Case Humulus remedy By Jan Scholten A boy of 13 years age has been in consultation from time tot time since 10 years. The main problem is enuresis and that was already present at the start of the treatment. In general he’s bedwetting 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes he...

Antiaris toxicaria

Year 2021, Issue 7, Article 5Author: Ulrich Welte

Woman, 28, menstruation problems, fibrillation Case by Ulrich Welte with cycle complaints. Head or heart fibrillation? She has never had a normal cycle, up to 16 years amenorhoea, menses then only by taking the pill. In many situations she throws herself into what...

Phylica pubescens

Year 2021, Issue 7, Article 6Author: Martin Jakob

A Phylica remedy A thirty-year-old woman comes because of migraines, usually she has this one day before the menses. She has to vomit until bile comes up, the pain is over the left eye, it is a stabbing, throbbing pain, as if someone with the knife sticks from insight...

Elaeagnus rhamnoides

Year 2021, Issue 7, Article 7Author: Jan Scholten

A Elaeagnus remedy After taking the remedy she has an impressive dream to live in a "Villa Wahnsinn". At first her beloved dog was kidnapped and then she and the dog were killed. In the second part of the dream her dog was attacked by a wild pig. She quickly took a...