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Qjure Journal 2021, Issue 5

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Year 2021, Issue 5, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial This issue of the Qjure journal is about crystal structures and the importance of it for prescribing. Peter Tumminello has been working on gems for many years. He published his first about it with the title “ Twelve Jewels”. In 2017 he published his book on...

Crystal structures

Year 2021, Issue 5, Article 2Author: Peter Tumminello

Architecture of the Psyche Peter Tumminello Abstract: All minerals, organic compounds and gemstones crystallise. This crystallization essentially appears in seven distinct patterns. Through the study of many provings and successful prescriptions, these patterns have...

Zincum phosphoricum

Year 2021, Issue 5, Article 3Author: Peter Tumminello

‘If I don’t say yes’ … a case of Zincum remedy A woman age 39, married, a business analyst with one child. Mental: ‘I am working very hard, very very busy, there is a lot of work on and pending. There are projects from everywhere … working more than double my...


Year 2021, Issue 5, Article 4Author: Peter Tumminello

Marcasite immersion “Bread, scones, potato and beer” by Peter Tumminello A man age 66, who works as a consultant for an IT company. He is alone and father of three. Heart defect: He is suffering from a ‘pronounced heartbeat’ which progressively gets slower and slower....


Year 2021, Issue 5, Article 5Author: Peter Tumminello

Chiastolite immersion ‘Feeling numb, everything is nothing’ …. a case of Chiastolite immersion A woman age 55, who I had treating effectively with a series of medicines, attended my clinic at short notice. Her appearance was striking, as every item of her apparel, her...

Crystal structures

Year 2021, Issue 5, Article 6Author: Peter Tumminello

Conclusion Leading themes delineating the Orthorhombic structure are evident in all three cases. In the Zincum phosphoricum case it was her need to accommodate the river of requests of others. In the Marcasite case the identification of ‘sensibility’, his poignant...