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Qjure Journal 2021, Issue 3

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Year 2021, Issue 3, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial I recently read a book about a Jewish Polish girl who survived the holocaust. She was in the Warsaw getto, but fled to a small village in the south of Poland, where she was relatively safe. The writer discussed her safety there with a historian. The...

Rhus glabra

Year 2021, Issue 3, Article 2Author: Francis Heyman

A Rhus remedy Woman, 56, backache. Case by Francis Heyman Laurence is a tall and slender 56 year old lady; a math teacher at the town’s high school, she’s very invested in her work as she loves to transmit knowledge. A rather introverted character, she managed to...

Cotinus coggygria

Year 2021, Issue 3, Article 3Author: Ulrich Welte

A Cotinus remedy Case by Ulrich Welte.   A conceited judo fighter has a stiff spine. His spine is blocked as lashed with strap, he cannot relax. He thinks he is something special, takes up too much. He is indifferent to the interests of others and looks for his...

Toxicodendron pubescens

Year 2021, Issue 3, Article 4Author: Edmund Carleton

Carleton: I think of the apparently hopeless case of mania in the practice of the late Dr. J. P. Van Evera. The patient was in constant motion and lamentation. If near a window she wanted to throw herself from it. When near the water she wanted to drown. On entering...

Toxicodendron pubescens

Year 2021, Issue 3, Article 5Author: Tinus Smits

A Rhus remedy Theme: victimised forever, old wounds. Product: Juice of the twigs with young leaves.   INTRODUCTION My first real experience with Rhus remedies started with a very curious and dramatic case in 1991. A 43 year old lady, mother of three children, came to...

Semecarpus anacardium

Year 2021, Issue 3, Article 6Author: Tinus Smits

An Anacardium remedy Theme: good or bad, guilt. Product: Dr. K.N. Mathur, Systematic Materia Medica: Source: the crushed seed of the marking nut. Dr. M.L. Tyler; Homeopathic Drug Pictures: The dark juice from which it derives its name is not in the nut but in the...