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Qjure Journal 2020, Issue 11

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Year 2020, Issue 11, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial It is always wonderful to see the effects of good homeopathic prescriptions. And the more precise the prescription the deeper the effect. I think this has been my journey in homeopathy: to discover more remedies so that the prescriptions become more precise...

Sorghum bicolor

Year 2020, Issue 11, Article 2Author: Tomas Vyboch

Sorghum remedy, 633.24.08 Man, 30y, disc prolapse. He has a backache for two years. The pain is constant. Everything started after he had a problem with family from which he comes from. His father started drink too much alcohol, mother has problems at work and he...

Acer pseudoplatanus

Year 2020, Issue 11, Article 3Author: Tomas Vyboch

Acer remedy 655.45.08 Female, 32, infertility. Hormonal profile is okay, but she has high degree of embryotoxic chemicals. She tried some natural medicine and also IVF. She says with the smile that doctor told her that intelligent and successful women often have...

Costus comosus

Year 2020, Issue 11, Article 4Author: Tomas Vyboch

Costus remedy Male 42 years
He has chronic prostatitis for 10 years. He tried many therapies without effect. He feels burning pain during urination, has a painful testicles and pain in sacral region. He feels also pressure on perineum. He is very communicative man,...

Filipendula ulmaria

Year 2020, Issue 11, Article 5Author: Tomas Vyboch

Filipendula remedy Case, by Thomas Vyboch Woman, 65 years, depression, sleeplessness. She has depression for 15 years. She uses antidepressant for 3 years. She cannot sleep and cannot eat because she feels heaviness in her abdomen. She can sleep just two hours a day....

Filipendula ulmaria

Year 2020, Issue 11, Article 6Author: Tomas Vyboch

Filipendula remedy Case, by Thomas Vyboch Male, 30 years, sleeplessness. He cannot sleep for two months. He wakes up in the middle of the night, he is sweaty and cannot fall back to sleep. It started after breaking up of his relationship. He works for corporation as...

Solanum pseudocapsicum

Year 2020, Issue 11, Article 7Author: Tomas Vyboch

Solanum remedy Woman, age 47, thryoiditis and premenstrual syndrome. Her partner has ended a relationship with her. This relationship was very difficult and lasted for five years. She has a feeling that her partner used her just for sex. He did not want to introduce...

Centaurium erythraea

Year 2020, Issue 11, Article 8Author: Tomas Vyboch

Centaurium remedy 665.23.02 Female, 32, frequent stomach pain and cystitis In last few months she had stomach pain after almost every meal. When she has a stress, she feels immediately pain in her stomach. Her complaints started after separation with her former...