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Qjure Journal 2020, Issue 10

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Year 2020, Issue 10, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Dear user of Qjure In this issue of the Journal Qjure you will provings and case of Physenales. In the first version of the Plant theory Physenales included only a few families with very few remedies. This was an indication that something was missing. A few years ago...

Phytolacca americana

Year 2020, Issue 10, Article 2Author: Alex Leupen

Case Phytolacca americana A woman of 40 years age has breast pains. They are swollen, painful and feel as if exploding, worse from touch and after ovulation. She has backache dorsal as if the weight of her breasts is too much. She has itching around her right nipple....

Barbeuia madagascariensis

Year 2020, Issue 10, Article 3Author: Nora Moskova

Case of a remedy form Limeaceae 663.22.02 A woman, 42, allergy She looks very mild, gentle and shy. Not confident. She speaks softly. Chief complaint: large pink pimples and wider patches, on legs and hands, which last for 1 week. Worse: from hot weather, hot shower,...