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Qjure Journal 2020, Issue 5

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Year 2020, Issue 5, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Dear reader of Qjure I recently was pointed to a book about the periodic system linked to living beings. It is very interesting that the author, Antonio Lima-de-Faria, is originally a physicist and has made the connection of the Periodic system of elements with living...


Year 2020, Issue 5, Article 2Author: Jan Scholten

Case of a remedy from Lauraceae Woman, 55, parodontitis. She has all kinds of problems with her teeth: parodontosis, abscess, granuloma, bone decay. Her parents also had weak teeth and dental problems. As a child she had already caries and had fears for the dentist....


Year 2020, Issue 5, Article 3Author: Jan Scholten

Case of a remedy from Acanthaceae Woman, 60, bronchitis. With few real symptoms of illness I suddenly started coughing and after 24 hours I was a bit shivery, had only a little fever, 38 at the most, and sweating. I had muscle aches and a lot of headaches, also cold...