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Qjure Journal 2020, Issue 3

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Year 2020, Issue 3, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial Dear member of Qjure In this issue of the Journal Qjure you will find some very nice articles about the theory of homeopathy. There are several articles on The other song and the sensation method. These development by Rajan Sankaran have been proven very...


Year 2020, Issue 3, Article 3Author: Anne Schadde

Homeopathy on hold for a paradigm shift What is a paradigm? Jörg Wichmann writes in his article "Beyond the Evidence Trap": "A paradigm is a set of ideological principles and views on which a conception of the world or a science is based. Paradigms have evolved...


Year 2020, Issue 3, Article 4Author: Heinz Leo Harhaus

As therapists, we homeopaths are blessed with practicing a science, that is more exact than any other. This therapy is able to clear the mind. What is better than that? Clouding the mind causes disorder, disease, disability, and defect, while clearing the mind heals....


Year 2020, Issue 3, Article 5Author: Christina Ari

Super Layers We see in some cases how some homeopaths keep on striving to find one constitutional medicine, and even find it in some right percentage of cases. Here I’m not getting back to the concept of constitutional medicine, rather am asking some genuine...

Sensation method

Year 2020, Issue 3, Article 6Author: Rajan Sankaran

About The Sensation Method and The Synergy in Homoeopathy Since Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s time, many eminent homoeopaths have contributed and expanded the basic principles of homoeopathy with outstanding results. One such contribution to the advancement of homoeopathy is...

The other song

Year 2020, Issue 3, Article 7Author: Rajan Sankaran

The other song About ‘the other song: International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy’: ‘the other song’ is a world class premium medical centre which puts good health and well being at the core of an academic culture dedicated to complete patient care. Situated in...

The other song

Year 2020, Issue 3, Article 8Author: Rajan Sankaran

Introducing ‘the other song’, International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy What is ‘the other song’? “What is it that makes each one of us who we are? What is it that makes each of us feel, perceive, experience, and act in our own unique manner? What is the real...

Synergy method

Year 2020, Issue 3, Article 9Author: Rajan Sankaran

The Synergy Approach in Homoeopathic Practice By Dr. Rajan Sankaran Head of ‘the other song’ A contemporary approach in homoeopathy, termed Synergy, has evolved over the last thirty years and has come to be advantageous when utilized in homoeopathic practice. While...