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Qjure Journal 2019, Issue 6

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Year 2019, Issue 6, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial This issue is about the Plantaginaceae. This family was very small in the past with only Plantago and a few other genera in it. With the start of DNA a analyses the family Scrophulariaceae was shown to be a combination of all kinds of different plants. That...

Gratiola officinalis

Year 2019, Issue 6, Article 2Author: Michaela Zorzi

Boy, 3. He suffers from severe diarrhoea, green, undigested, watery stools. His father refuses to accept paternity and he lives with his mother, who is one of three daughters of a catholic priest. She suffered a lot from being raised up in poor conditions with her...

Russelia equisetiformis

Year 2019, Issue 6, Article 3Author: Michaela Zorzi

Woman, 55, depression. She lives in a relationship for 20 years. She always wanted to marry her partner and getting his famous family name, but he does not want to, he is divorced and has 2 adult children. She is a refined person, was in psychotherapy for many years,...

Russelia equisetiformis

Year 2019, Issue 6, Article 4Author: Michaela Zorzi

Woman, 35, desire to start a family She is very strong and independent, refined, charming. She became pregnant of a divorced man, who lived door to door with his ex and the two sons. She could not get in his life fully, he could not disengage from his former family....

Chaenorhinum origanifolium

Year 2019, Issue 6, Article 5Author: Jan Scholten

Sense proving, 16-5-2014, Utrecht. High sensitive persons. Thin, light. Smell: subtle, tenuous. Artist who does not have the courage to show her work; she needs a promoter or patron. Taste: a bit bitter. One step above the water, the lake. Not grounded, on earth,...

Veronica speciosa

Year 2019, Issue 6, Article 6Author: Martin Jakob

Veronica speciosus 665.51.10 Walking talking, expressive. Lot of stories, shamanism. Very nice. Extreme. Parents have a pub and restaurants. She had to be funny, to present herself. Follow up She can now stop convincing...

Linaria vulgaris

Year 2019, Issue 6, Article 7Author: Martin Jakob

Linaria vulgaris A sixty-year-old woman comes because of her cough. The mucus in her throat irritates her constantly and make her coughing. She has this complaint for about four years, they are all the time and worst is lying in bed, because the mucus runs then down...

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