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Qjure Journal 2019, Issue 3

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Year 2019, Issue 3, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Dear member of Qjure In this issue of the Journal Qjure you will find more articles and cases of Piperales. Interesting is Piper auritum, which was proved in Costa Rica and then placed in Subphase 4. This was probably due to the similarity of Stage 10 and Phase 4....

Piper auritum

Year 2019, Issue 3, Article 2Author: Jan Scholten

Piper auritum Woman, 60, nervous. She feels not good in herself, lacks ground under her feet. She can feel helpless as a small child, not grown up and not well-nourished and protected. She does not take herself seriously. People in her environment take that over from...

Piper amalago

Year 2019, Issue 3, Article 3Author: Jan Scholten

Piper amalago A woman of 50 has sciatica twice a year. It is extremely painful and she cannot move. It is better from pressure and worse from rising from sitting and turning around to bed. The pain is worse in the left lumbar region. It feels as a blockage in her...

Piper unguiculatum

Year 2019, Issue 3, Article 4Author: Martin Jakob

Piper unguiculatum 622.63.12 A woman 35 y. becomes aggressive when she ingests sugar or sweets. She suffers from psoriasis arthritis. It is so since her children were born, it is stressful for her, the worst is when they argue, because of the stress she needs sweets....

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