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Qjure Journal 2019, Issue 2

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Year 2019, Issue 2, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Dear member of Qjure In this issue of the Journal Qjure you will find more articles and cases of Piperales. There is a case of Peperomia hoffmannii, that confirms the Stage 13. And there are 3 case of Raduloideae, the Subphase 5. Piper aduncum and Piper...

Peperomia hoffmannii

Year 2019, Issue 2, Article 2Author: Jan Scholten

Peperomia hoffmannii A boy of 14 has eczema with itching and has to scratch it. He sometimes has a kind of faintness, as if becomes black before his eyes, especially when he is rising or stretching his arms. He has a problem with his father. His father can be angry at...

Piper friedrichsthalii

Year 2019, Issue 2, Article 3Author: Martin Jakob

Piper friedrichsthalii 622.65.06 Woman 45 has hypertension 180 over 104, which is combined headache and nausea. She cries because of every little thing. She does not calm down internally, she talks incredibly fast and seems to be under high pressure. She is very...

Piper aduncum

Year 2019, Issue 2, Article 4Author: Martin Jakob

Piper aduncum 622.65.12 A 45 year old woman comes with a tightness in her throat. She has no peace and cannot relax. She gets angry very quickly with her daughter, explodes when she does not learn for school or does not fulfil her obligations fast enough. She puts her...

Piper nigrum

Year 2019, Issue 2, Article 5Author: Martin Jakob

Piper nigrum 622.65.08 Woman 42 year, had a breakdown three years ago after she had separated from her husband. Together they built up their building material business over many years. She was the one who did the most. She has always worked like a savage. She is very...

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