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Qjure Journal 2017, Issue 2

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Acidum sulphuricum

Year 2017, Issue 2, Article 2Author: Anne Vervarcke

Female, 21 years One of Jeremy Sherr’s patients in Africa. It is important to know that in the cultural context there, for a woman it is of greatest importance to have children. Consultation February 2012 In 2009 she got Calcium carbonicum When she failed her exams,...

Musa paradisiaca

Year 2017, Issue 2, Article 3Author: Anne Vervarcke

Male, 35 years, married, 2 children His wife is in treatment as well, and from her the homeopath knew that they quit their job and sold their house to go on a sabbatical trip in nature for about a year. He comes for a first consultation after this trip. He is a very...

Carnegiea gigantea

Year 2017, Issue 2, Article 4Author: Anne Vervarcke

Male, 48 years Intake October 2012 I am a very sensitive person, as a result, whether physical, mental or emotional, everything makes an imprint on me. Until my twenties I was relatively well, as a child I had some cough. Towards the end of my adolescence I caught...

Calcarea ovi testae

Year 2017, Issue 2, Article 5Author: Anne Vervarcke

Intake February 2014 He comes with visual artifacts; looks dull, depressed, unkept, untidy. Like he doesn't have the energy; he's not a bodybuilder type of guy, looks rather beaten down, having given up. Part of it is because he has a clinging kind of way to ask for...

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