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Dysphania ambrosioides Chenopodium botrys. American worm seed. Jerusalem oak. Family: Chenopodiaceae. Chemistry: Ascaridol. General - Antispasmodic, antihysteric. Respiratory: Colds, haemoptysis, asthma. Gastrointestinal - Vermifuge - Ascaris lumbricoids, carminative,...


Nuphar variegata General - Burning fevers, painful tumours, narcotic, scrophula. Skin: Inflammed skin, sores, pimples, freckles, suppuration of boils. Respiratory: Gargle for sore thrat and ulcerated mouth and throat, tuberculosis, coughs. Limbs: Swelling of the...


Polygonum persicaria Inflammations and hot swellings, antiseptic, gangrene. Ears: Sores of the ears. Gastrointestinal - Mouth: Aphthous sore mouth. Pains in the stomach, worms, gastroenteritis. Urinary: Gravel


Pyrus malus Smallpox


Acer saccharum Sugar maple, hard maple. Family: Aceraceae. Chemistry: Box elder - Acer saponin. Eyes - Sore eyes, foreign body in the eye. Gastrointestinal - Emetic, diarrhoea, laxative, intestinal illnesses. Respiratory: Haemoptysis. Urinary: Diuretic, kidney...