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Gastrointestinal - Flatulence, soothes the stomach and stimulates bowel movements. Female - women after child birth, irregular menstruation. Teeth - Toothaches. Skin: Ringworm, insect bites (local) Head: Headaches


Headaches. Nausea. Aching bones, rheumatism. Injuries of nose. Testicular diseases. Stimulates lactation. Prevents bronchial spasm caused by histamine. Ruckert. Cases. Inflammation of the Liver: Nigella sativa vi °, repeated in three days, has relived an acute...


Maleisian herbs. Family: Rutaceae. Daun kari. Active Ingredients: Girinimbine, mahanimbine, isomahanimbine, murrayacine, koenine, koenigine, koenidine, koenimbin, mahanimbincine, scopolin, curryanine, curryangine. Female - Regulates the menstrual...


General - Tonic. Skin: Rashes, sweaty skin (local). Female - Contraction of uterine muscles


Polygonum persicaria Gastrointestinal - Indigestion. Head: Dandruff (local


Vernonia cinerea Family: Compositae Pokok tambak bukit, sembong hutan. Active Ingredients: Beta - amyrin acetate, beta - amyrin benzoate, lupeol, beta - sitosterol, stigmasterol and spinasterol compounds. General - Treatment of cancer