Jan Scholten

0.2.7 Uranium series

These are the magicians, the people who know how to reach their goal through the power of intention and the power of thought. They are the shamans, the prophets who guide the evolution of mankind from behind the scenes, people like Merlin and Rasputin.

Invisible power
They work with invisible forces. They work quietly in the background, unseen by most people. They know how to manifest the hidden knowledge and power deep within the subconscious mind.

Old age.
This is the time of very old age.

World Universe
There are no limits to the area on which they focus their powers. They work with the whole world and the whole universe. The themes that go with it are those of the super nations, the USA, Russia, China, India, the EEC, and specifically the United Nations.

This series focuses on the intuition. These people are often clairvoyant, or clairaudient or they simply know what is going on.