Jan Scholten

633.46.10 Tradescantia virginiana
German: Gottesauge.
DD: Boron, Silicon, Natrium
Source: Sense provings.

They feel loyal to their family and spouse. But they have the feeling of being taken advantage of, used, even abused by their relatives. It feels unfair and they are embittered. But they cannot talk about it for fear that a fight will result in rifts in the family; and a breakdown of the family has to be prevented at all costs, that would be impossible. So they are left with their grudge, having to carry it on their own.

Soft; pacifist.
Activist. Worse from injustice, cruelty, to people or animals.
Angry farmers gathering against regulations that take things from them.
Moral stance. Politicians fighting for the rights and welfare of animals against the abuse and pain done to animals, such as testing cosmetics.
Very goal oriented, moral.
Sweet, watery.
Soft natured. They want to please everyone. They want no one to suffer.
Sensitive, sensual. Very sensitive but they do not show it.
First love.
Unhappy in love affairs, struggles in their love life.
Easily abused, soft natured, not mean or hard. They are walked over easily because they are not seen.
Marriage, they believe marriage is good in principle, but in practice there are many struggles.
They fear the harsh realities of the world, that their children will grow up in bad world, fears that something will happen to them, that they will be hurt.
Close to their parents. Good family relationships.
Discovering the world.
They do not think about life, they just make do with what is available, life just is.
Capacity to support, build, giving opportunities to discover.
Vulnerable but cannot be hurt, does not know judgement.
When one has no judgement one is invulnerable.
Raw shell, white pit.
Themes: three; yellow, blue, green.

Vertigo: dizzy.
Ears: bleeding.
Face: trembling contraction, in jaws; mumps, swollen parotis, pressing pain.
Lungs: breathing difficult, embarrassed, painful; sighing; want of air.
Chest: pain, left side.
Stomach: trembling contraction.
Abdomen: trembling contraction, diaphragm, abdominal muscles.
Rectum: diarrhoea.
Urinary: kidney problems; urine copious, yellow, acrid smell, copious ash coloured sediment; thin stream; pain, worse urination.
Male: prostatism; scrotum inflamed, painful, red; testes returned.
Female: uterus prolapse.
Skin: insect bites, spider bites.