Jan Scholten

Thuja occidentalis
French: Arbre de vie.

Impulse to kill, himself, others.
Delusion having a double personality, a good and bad one.
Idealised love; hate
Fixed ideas, rigid, with great confidence, religious fanaticism.
Fixed ideas: as if a strange person were at his side; as if soul and body were separated; as if a living animal were in abdomen; of being under the influence of a superior power.
Insane women will not be touched or approached.
Doubting himself, his emotions and thoughts.
Suspicious, they do not tell you all you need to know.
Calculating, manipulating, materialism.
An elder in the church: the mind is willing but the body weak.
Adapting, sensing the demands of the parents.
Hard, reserved, unemotional, not empathic, merciless.
Guilt, < disobedience.
Sexual, promiscuous, unattached, impotency.
Fear: salvation.
Delusion: fragile, body or limbs of glass, wood; being double; animals in abdomen; done wrong.
Dream: building-stones; absurd.
Dreams: amorous; coition.
Dreams: animals, cats, felines, furious dogs.
Dreams: crimes; accusations; murder; battles; war; contests; conscience.
Dreams: danger, accidents, falling from high places.
Dreams: death, dying; dead bodies, people, parents, relatives; funerals; processions.
Dreams: excelling in mental work; things heard, read, talked or thought about.
Dreams: misfortune, bad luck.
Dreams: water.
Dreams: body, body parts, teeth, breaking off.

Type: hydrogenoid; sycosis; lymphatic; very fleshy persons, dark complexion, black hair.
Weather: chilly, cold, < wet, > open air; chill, beginning in the thighs.
Sweat: uncovered parts, < sleep; profuse, sour smelling, foetid at night; smelling like honey, genitals.
Time: < 3 am.
Desire: onion, garlic.
Aversion: raw meat.
Physical: <<< vaccination, suppressed gonorrhoea.

General: fibroma, tumours, sclerosis.
Vertigo: < closing the eyes.
Head: headache, left frontal, nail driven into parietal bone; convex button were pressed on the part, < from sexual excesses, < overheating, < tea, >< open air, > stool; white scaly dandruff; hair dry and falling out.
Eyes: ophthalmia neonatorum, sycotic or syphilitic; large granulations, warts or blisters; cold air blowing out eye, > warmth, > covering, < uncovered; eyelids dry, scaly on edges, agglutinated, < night; styes and tarsal tumours; chalazae, thick, hard knots, like condylomata.
Ears: chronic otitis; discharge purulent putrid meat; granulations, condylomata; polypi, pale red, cellular, bleeding easily; chronic catarrh, after exanthemata; thick, green mucus, blood and pus.
Nose: dry; polyps.
Mouth: teeth pain, < tea, < blowing the nose, decay at the roots, crowns remain sound, crumble, turn yellow; ranula, bluish; varicose veins on tongue or in mouth.
Heart: arteriosclerosis.
Abdomen: as if an animal were crying; motion as if something alive; protrudes here and there like the arm of a foetus; pain distressing, burning in left ovarian region, < walking, riding, > sitting, > lie down, < menses.
Rectum: constipation: violent pains in rectum, < stool; stool recedes; piles swollen, pain, < sitting; diarrhoea, forcibly with much flatus, gurgling, as water from a bunghole; < after breakfast, < coffee, < fat food, vaccinations, < early morning; anus fissured, pain, < touch, flat warts, moist mucous condylomata.
Urinary: urine trickling in urethra; severe cutting at close of urination.
Male: prostatitis; impotence; condylomata.
Female: vagina sensitive, < coition.
Limbs: muscles beaten, bones; woody, < walking; glass and would break easily; articular rheumatism.
Skin: dirty; yellow, waxy, fatty, shiny, earthy, brown, brownish-white spots; warts, large, seedy, pedunculated; eruptions only on covered parts, burn after scratching; fig warts, warts, condylomata, wart-like outgrowths; hair dry, hard, pricky; nails: deformed, brittle.