Jan Scholten


They want to be special in society, have a high position and become famous. But they have the feeling they can be only half that. They are in a situation where they have to adapt too much. They feel they just have to do what they have to do and go for it in an impulsive way.

Confident, self-confident, contented.
Affectionate, cheerful, jesting, laughing.
Sensitive to sensory impressions.
Selfish, brutal, cruel, biting.
Hurry, hasty, industrious; time passes too quickly.
Restless and noisy hasty, hurried.
Desire for light.
Spouse. Children. Isolation.
Anger, temper tantrums; aggressive, cruel, brutal, selfish, biting.
Irritability, aversion toward the partner, children, company, > alone.
Forsaken feeling, isolation.
Living in a house with many strangers, asylum seekers, foster-children; alone.
Family is nervous and chaotic.
Aversion for company, > alone; desire company, forsaken, isolation.
Aversion to the partner, irritability toward the children.
Delusion: limbs separated large.
Dejection, feeling human works are absurd.
Fear: future, accidents.
Delusion: being watched.
Dream: being pregnant; childbirth.

Type: long.
Weather: warm, > uncover.
Desire: drinks, thirsty; food, ravenous appetite; strong tastes; fish.
Aversion: fish.
Sleep: sleepless, restless.

General: acromegaly.
Head: enlarged.
Nose: enlarged.
Lungs: bronchitis.
Limbs: feel separated, missing; body parts are enlarged, hands; acromegaly.