Jan Scholten

0.9.08 Stage 8. Perseverance

This is the real task, everything learnt so far has to be assembled, put together but the amount of work is massive, huge. So one needs perseverance, endurance, power and force. One feels pressurised due to lack of time, struggling against deadlines. One has to push and fight against the inertia of matter and resistance of people. One can get irritated by opposition.

The theme here is perseverance: to brace yourself and carry on with your plans. Their life consists of ‘getting on with it’. And they will get there as long as they stick to their plans.

They feel that it is a tremendous effort to carry on. They have to move that mountain of work. Fortunately they are very capable people with great powers of endurance.

They have a tendency to force themselves and others. They do not have time for all the niceties, there is work to be done. Once they have got it into their head that their plans should have priority they tend to get very pushy and obstreperous.

Heavy Pressure.
The task is big and the pressure weighs heavily on them but they are up to it, they know how to handle such a work load.

Opposition Obstruction.
They hate opposition. Their task is heavy enough as it is without being opposed or contradicted by others. They confront any difficulties with openness and courage. They are full of confidence, they have done their homework and they are not afraid of confrontation. They know what they want and are prepared to persevere with it. They do not shy away from a fight, in fact they welcome it if necessary.
They might feel that circumstances are against them. The day to day happenings in house and family are often felt as added burdens instead of welcome breaks. They feel that they have to devote themselves completely to their task in hand. Anything else in life is only a distraction.

Calculating Planning.
They are usually very good at summing up a situation. They work out what they have to do to realise their plans. Their calculations are precise and they see clearly what is important and what is not. They have to plan this way in order to get through the enormous amount of work.

They are very concentrated on their work, totally absorbed by it, as if that is their only fulfilment in life.

Through On Per.
They carry on, they break through opposition, persevere through adversity, persistence, pertinacity, they go on, work on, plough on, fight on etc.

Words: fight, struggle; inertia.

Miasm: pertussis, whooping cough.

DD Stage 7: still has room for improvement and learning. In Stage 8 there is no more time for learning because there is too much work to be done.