Jan Scholten

0.9.07 Stage 7. Practising

Training leads to perfection. He can do his act but knows he has still to learn a lot more. He has to practice to become a master of everything. He wants to learn from others, likes to cooperate to see how others do things and he likes to teach and help others on their road to become a master.

The theme is extending the knowledge that has been gained so far. The first hurdles have been taken, they know they can do it in principle but there is still a lot to be done in the way of further development and further refinements. They like to extend their knowledge and their skills.

Training Extra skills
In order to perform well they have to carry on their training, there is still a lot to be learned.

This stage also suffers from doubt, although less strongly than in Stage 3 and 5. The doubt is not so much about what they should do or whether they should do anything at all, it is more about how they should tackle a particular task.

Learning teaching
They enjoy learning new skills. They also like training other people, teaching them new methods of doing things or new ways of thinking. They are good teachers because they have a lot of patience. They have created the space to develop extra skills and they like to share these with others. Their criticism is never harsh, being only meant to show others a better way of doing things.

In order to refine and develop their knowledge they like to have feedback. They like to have a teacher or guru who tells them whether they are doing it right or not. They are very keen on refining their methods of work and developing their potential. They do not mind criticism, as long as they can learn from it but they hate negative criticism, as to them that is pointless.

And of course they love positive feedback. They like to hear that they have succeeded in learning something new. They like to receive compliments but even when you point out some mistakes to them they are glad that you did because from that they can learn something too.

The theme of training and developing skills makes them eager to cooperate with others, either with a teacher or with other people who are in training. They like to do things together so everyone can learn from each other and support each other in their development.

The prefix co or con is found in this stage: co-operation, compliments, consulting, consolidation, confirmation.

Miasm: anthrax.

DD Stage 6: still has to prove that they can do it but they are much more unsure of themselves. Stage 7 has the feeling that they can definitely do their task; all they need is some more training and some extra skills.