Jan Scholten

Spiranthes spiralis, Spiranthes autumnalis
English: Lady's tresses.
Botany: Orchidoideae, Cranichideae.

Ailments from mental effort.
Confusion, discomfort, indolence, ennui, complaining.
Dreams: lascivious, amorous; remorse over past sexual indiscretions.

Weather: flushes of heat; hands alternately hot and cold.
Sweat: palms.
Desire: acid, sour; drinks, constant thirst.
Aversion: food, loss of appetite.
Sleep: drowsy; spasmodic yawning; restless nervous.
Physical: < touch; < stooping; < bending or raising arm; > lying on left side, on back; > walking.

Fever: congestion and inflammation.
Vertigo: < rising from bed, < lying down, < sitting, > walking.
Head: headache; wobbling feeling in the brain with desire to lean the head against the wall.
Mouth: toothache, cold, < night.
Heart: palpitation, < least emotion, excitement.
Stomach: acidity and burning in oesophagus; belching.
Abdomen: heat, lower, < laughing; colic.
Rectum: burning and itching, < stool.
Urinary: kidneys pain, < going upstairs, > lying on back, > urinating.
Female: vulva red, itching; vagina dry, burning, < coition; leucorrhoea, yellowish, bloody; milk scanty; pressing pain uterus.
Back: lumbago.
Limbs: weak, > urinating; rheumatism; sciatic pain, right side; pain, lancinating, shoulders, < stooping, < bending over, pain hands, joints; swelling of veins of hands; coldness of feet and toes.