Jan Scholten

Sonneratia alba

They can get very easily into a fight who is in charge and who is the boss, who is right and who is wrong. The fight is often between different social classes that are assigned different positions and rights. Men and women can fight about who is right, who has more power. Or it can be between social classes like employees and employers.
In the fights it is very difficult to come to an agreement. Mostly they leave each other, each feeling right in their own. They feel angry and do not want to get into contact anymore with the “stupid and arrogant” other group. They tend to become loners that feel totally misunderstood and maltreated. They can laugh loudly about the sayings of the other groups.
In love affairs they can have the tendency to have many, but not one fulfilling. It can be like a queen have many men and leaving them because they are not equal to her and are subordinated to her. In the end she stays completely alone.
It can arise from a street child entering an elite school or an aristocratic child in a normal school.

Theme: charge, load, guilt; who is in charge, is charged.
Erotic, light, fun; play hide and seek.
Bossy, < responsibilities.
Speech ironic, sarcastic, arguing.
Alone, lost one, coming back.
Image: royal, family, British, everyone being alone, irresponsible for the problems of the world.

Mouth: taste salty, bitter, sweet.
Limb: arm pain, sudden deep aching, < motion; arm feels swollen.

Scholten J. Nosy Be provings. Utrecht. 2014.