Jan Scholten


They feel unappreciated for their contribution, for who they are. They feel taken advantage of, feel used and abused by society and family. It makes them bitter, feeling society is unjust and unfair. They do not want to contribute anymore. They feel that society and family are obliged to give to them rather than that they have to give. They feel not seen in their glory, in their brilliancy as they are not admired enough. The cultural and family traditions though make them keep going on with the situation. They keep on giving as the tradition is too strong. They cannot imagine the situation being different or changing.

They are bitter about life, feeling life is lived for them.
They want to have fun and pleasure, go to dances and meet friends.
But they feel the responsibility of life, their family, which hinders them in feeling free.
Religious people, serves as a minister in the church.
Ashamed of himself, having not fought back but just let things pass.
Obsessive behaviour, repetitions, very precise, meaningless, in order to feel right and to escape punishment by his conscience.
Confusion, dull, forgets names, recognises no-one, mistakes in answering.
Senses dull, numbness.
They want to escape the problems of life.
The above dilemma burdens and confuses them.
They are busy with health, death and disease, they cannot stand pain.
Indifference, stoic, alienation of mind.
Hard, stiff.
Torpor, stupor, muttering, moaning.
Sad, weeping.
Decay, giving up, doing nothing.
Aversion: pain, noise; mathematics.
Fear: falling, dark, insanity.
Delusion: imprisoned; rats running up legs.
Dreams: falling, animals; quarrelling with dead relatives.

Sensation: raw, burning; pricking, stitching, shooting.
Weather: < cold, < wet.
Desire: alcohol, brandy, soup, cold, warm.
Aversion: bitter, food.
Sleep: < waking.
Physical: > stool, urination, < coition.

Infection: scarlatina, diphtheria, typhus.
Nervous: paralysis; epilepsy, eclampsia.
Head; cold; jerking, shaking; headache.
Lungs: dyspnoea.
Heart: fast pulse.
Mouth: pain; tongue pain.
Stomach: indigestion.
Abdomen: pain, distension.
Rectum: diarrhoea; constipation.
Urinary: urethra numb, < urination.
Female: < menses.
Back: pain vertebral column, cervical, dorsal, lumbar.