Jan Scholten

Girl, 15, sleepless.
She cannot fall asleep. She stays awake form the fear that she might not fall asleep. She keeps on thinking about the things of the next day, especially school. She fears that she will not be fresh and concentrated at school when she has not had enough sleep. This might result in bad results with test en in the failing her school year and even her school diploma. She fears not finishing school and thus not being allowed to go the actor school. Her fears of failing are aggravated by her dyslexia which makes that she is not very good in languages.
She wants to become an actress. She likes to plays roles, to be another person. She is already going to an acting school with great pleasure even when she very nervous before having to go on stage. She has a stage fright, especially just before she has to start. She fears having lost the text or her role suddenly. When she is on stage it is going better.
Her looks are very precise and special, her hair is done meticulously, she wears beautiful clothes and nice jewelry. She is very controlled.
She likes to get attention, being in the center of attention. But she dislikes to be on video.

Minerals: her story is mostly factual, structured, form one point of view.
Silver series: Desire to be an actress; likes to plays roles; looks are precise and special; very controlled; likes to be in the center of attention; dislikes to be on video.
Stage 9: stage fright, < just before acting; fears examination.
Pure element: her ambition is not modulated by circumstance; her complaint is aggravated only by her ambition itself.

Follow up
After Rhodium metallic MK her complaints gradually disappear. She is more cheerful and happy and has less fears.