Jan Scholten


Essence: the final step before showing your work of art.

The final step
They feel they are almost there, they have nearly reached the top. There is just one more thing to be done and then it is all ready. They are about to reap the harvest of their long preparations. They are longing for success, longing for recognition of their hard labours, longing for appreciation of their creative work.

Trial run
They like to test everything once more before the official opening, like a dress rehearsal before the the first night.

Final corrections
They like to make the last few necessary alterations so that the end product can be perfect. During the dress rehearsal there are a few details to be improved. If it turns out that there are large pieces that need to be changed they get into a panic. In extreme cases they may call off the whole show out of fear that it will be a complete flop.

Blunder during the performance
Everything is going all right so far. There is every possibility that the perfor-mance will be a success. But the fear remains that is will be a failure. They are extremely nervous before the opening, afraid of committing a blunder that will ruin all those years of hard work. Or that someone will put a blemish on their name and all their achievements, even if it is unfounded. It is like a harvest that may be spoilt by a plague of locusts or a heavy thunderstorm at the very last minute. They tend to feel hurt or humiliated at the last minute, as if a doubt is being cast on their abilities and their creations.

The top sportsman who is preparing himself to win the title
This is the stage of getting ready to take over the first place. Everything points to success. But they may get stuck at this stage and remain ‘second best’ for the rest of their days. They get so tense before the finals that they start to make mistakes and don’t win the coveted first prize after all. Like Ivan Lendl who narrowly missed winning Wimbledon every single time.

Fears: heights, narrow spaces, performances, speeches, blunder.
Dreams: heights, falling.
Irritability: < humiliation.
Delusions: whispering.
Mood: haughty, laughter, hilarious, soft, friendly, nervous !!, hurried !!, crying.
Contacts: introverted.
Professions: artist, painter, writer, musician, teacher, scientist, doctor, priest, vicar, bishop, shaman, governor, secretary, representative, public relations officer, advertising agent, top sportsman or woman.
Causes: disaster, humiliation.

Locality: left.
Weather: cold, cold feet, < cold !!, < damp !!, > outside.
Time: < 5 pm.
Food: < sweet.
Menses: profuse.
Sleep: sleepy.

Cancer. Leishmaniasis.
Weakness. Bruised pains, itching.
Headache behind eyes, temples and vertex; pressing outwards, feeling of lump; > rubbing, < waking, > getting up.
Eye problems, disturbance in vision.
Twitching, drawing above left eye, near temple.
Nasopharynx feels dry and rough.
Lump of mucus in throat with much scraping which does not relieve.
Colds with watery coryza. Sore throats.
Voice problems, hoarseness, loss of voice, stammering.
Lung complaints: cough dry, wheezing, scratching; sore pain behind sternum, thick, yellow mucus.
High blood pressure, missing heartbeats, sudden sinking of heart < deep breathing, > motion.
Heartburn, > sip of water.
Problems of genitalia, testes, ovaries. Cancer of uterus.
Neck problems, stiffness, creaking, locked, C3. Problems in arms.
Pain in muscle between tibia and fibula. Compression syndrome. Achilles tendon.
Eczema. Itching without eruption, sides of the body.
DD: Silver series, Stage 9.
DD Ruthenium: feels more pressure, hasn’t got time to be nervous, is more irritable. Rhodium is more nervous, always on the lookout for details that can be improved upon.