Jan Scholten

Ranunculus bulbosus

Ambition, much, to achieve something in a raw and hard world.
Firm, feeling they have to defend themselves, build an armour around them.
Internally soft, emotional, vulnerable but not showing it.
Working hard for their boss and colleagues, to have a pleasant working group, reliable and dutiful.
Renunciation of affections, emotions and sexuality.
Anger, irascibility, quarrelsome, scolding, abusive, insulting, alternating with cares, discontentment, discouragement, timidity, trembling, cheerfulness, care.
Timidity; alternating with quarrelsomeness.
Ailments from being alone, anger, vexation, excitement, < thinking of complaints.
Alcoholism, dipsomania.
Weeping; tearful mood, sensitive oversensitive, < evening.
Absent-mindedness; absorbed; buried in thoughts.
Delirium tremens with loquacity.
Dreams: anxious; vivid; amorous; voluptuous.
Dreams: drowning, swimming, water.
Dreams: animals, snakes; danger; death; dead people; bad luck; misfortune.

Sensation: burning, stitching, sharp, shooting, neuralgic, myalgia, in paroxysms.
Weather: < atmospheric changes.
Food: < alcohol.

Nervous: delirium tremens.
Eyes: day blindness; mist; pressure and smarting in eyeballs.
Lungs: pleurisy, pneumonia, < sudden cold, while overheated; lung collapse, pneumothorax!!.
Chest: sore, bruised, < from touch, motion or turning the body, < wet, stormy weather; intercostal rheumatism, neuralgia; herpes zoster, shingles, vesicles, bluish; rib contusion, sprains, fracture.
Stomach: spasmodic hiccough, < alcohol.
Back: pain, muscles, margins of scapula, < women, < sedentary employment; spinal irritation.
Limbs: burning, small spots, < needle work, typewriting, piano playing.
Skin: corns smart, burn, < touch; acute herpes zoster; pemphigus.