Jan Scholten

In the Apg3 classification there is no Subclass Proteidae. There are several small Orders diverging early at the beginning of the Eudicotyledons after the first two Orders Ceratophyllales and Ranunculales: Sabiales, Proteales, Trochodendrales, Buxales, Gunnerales, Dilleniales, Saxifragales, Vitales. These have not been assigned to a Class or Subclass.
In the Plant theory most of these Orders are taken together in one Order Proteales and one Subclass Proteidae. The Orders taken together are: Sabiales, Proteales, Trochodendrales, Buxales, Gunnerales, Vitales. Proteidae are a Subclass of the Fabanae. They have the emphasis on the Silicon series.
Dilleniales is placed in the Class Asteranae and Saxifragales is placed in the Class Malvanae. The table below gives the placements in the different systems.
The placement and classification of Proteidae is problematic as few remedies of them are known in homeopathy. Viewed from the point of phylogeny Proteidae is paraphyletic. In the Plant theory this is accepted and named prephyletic. This is explained in the Chapter “Classes, Cladistics”.
Proteales is the only Order in Proteidae and is thus in Phase 1.