Jan Scholten

622.64.00 Piperaceae
English: Pepper family.
Botany: 13 genera; 3610 species; pantropical; herb, shrub, vine, tree; stems with swollen nodes; leaves palmately veined; inflorescence a spike or spadix; flowers 3 merous, small; sepals and petals absent.
Genera: Artanthe, Lindeniopiper, Macropiper, Manekia, Ottonia, Peperomia, Piper, Piperanthera, Pothomorphe, Sarcorhachis, Trianaeopiper, Verhuellia, Zippelia.

The most known symptom of this family is the desire for excitement, easily being bored. Boredom is the greatest problem. Pepper gives taste to bland food, makes lives brilliant, exciting, hot. Maybe it burns but at least something happens. It makes lazy people fiery and lively.
The opposite is bland, dull, nothing happens. It is lazy, the Phase 6 quality.

Sensitivity to pain, suffering and boredom.
Desire for amusement, pleasure, taste or flavour, the spice of life, watching TV, soap operas.
Aversion to dull life, pain, suffering, unexciting, monotonous, boring.
Low energy, weakness, no interest.

Desire: spicy, pungent.
Aversion: bland, insipid, tasteless food.