Jan Scholten

Phase 1 is the start of something, an attempt to belong to a group. They have the feeling they don’t belong to the group yet. Group can mean a family, a group of friends, a village or a tribe, or a culture, a city and so on, depending on the situation.
It feels as if they just have met someone or some group and want to make a connection. There is not yet the feeling of really belonging to the group. There is a strong fear of not becoming accepted by the group or person. This fear is easily projected into things they see. A small remark or action can easily be interpreted as a rejection. This can then lead to a withdrawal and the giving up of trying to become part of the group.

The main dipole is that between action and non-action. They can easily act very strong, very busy and lively. It is the enthusiasm of the start. It is making oneself vibrant in order to get accepted. In the extreme it can take a maniacal form.
The opposite is that they give up easily. With a small rejection, or just an interpretation of that, they give up and retire. It can lead to indifference and apathy, and even more so to depression and grief.

There is a naive quality. Things are not thought over very precisely. It can look quite foolish. This can be the motivation for a group to reject those people as they can be seen as foolish and are not taken seriously.

Things are quite unstable. The situation is unstable and they themselves act in an unstable way, easily alternating between the extremes. They can alternate very easily between on the one hand being very cheerful, excited, vivacious and loquacious and on the other hand being sad, retiring, closed and taciturn. It is as if they are standing on their own two legs; they have to stand on their own legs but don’t know how to do that.
Aggression is not the strongest expression of this group. Since they don’t have the feeling of any rights there is no need to become angry.

Outsider Single
They feel like an outsider, like a stranger. They are not part of things yet. They feel alone and would like to become part of a group or the world. They are open to contacts but it feels as if they cannot succeed in that. Or they feel that becoming part of a group will be negative for them and so they prefer to stay single.

Acting and working under one's level of capacity: simple jobs for intellectuals.
Sudden, acute, unexpected, unpredictable.
Impulsive decisions, mania.
Impulsive thoughts, erratic thinking.
Impulsive emotions, changeable moods.
Childish, naive, foolish.
Delusion: being a stranger, an outsider, an unknown, single, loner.

Sleep: sleepless, < thoughts.
Physical: < touch; < discharges.

Lithium, Natrium, Stage 1.
It has a great deal in common with Lithium, Natrium and Stage 1.

Herbs, standing straight.
Shooting seeds, like Ecballium,Impatiens.