Jan Scholten

Peucedanum oreoselinum

Stupefaction, confusion, dull, befogged, from occiput, < motion, < walking.
Over-excitement of the mental and physical powers.

Sensation: burning, wandering, > touch.
Desire: food, extreme hunger before supper.
Aversion: drinks, without thirst.
Sleep: heavy, profound, prolonged; good and sound.

Energy: weak, lassitude: strength on exertion.
Nervous: numb; shivering of the whole body.
Vertigo: > lying.
Head: pain pressing, constricting, numbness, dull, befogged, sides; pressure outwards, temples; heat, < night.
Eyes: heavy, weak; pressure on one eyeball from below upward.
Ears: stopped, as with cotton, wool.
Mouth: pressing pain, numb, upper teeth; bitter taste.
Throat: bitter mucus, < supper; profuse watery fluid in the larynx; crawling irritation; hacking.
Heart: pulse agitated, rapid.
Chest: constricted; pain burning, stitching, lancinating, the left, < sitting; pinching pain, right, < inspiration.
Stomach: indigestion; belching frothy, incomplete, receding, tasteless, with nausea.
Abdomen: rumbling; pain rheumatic, drawing, griping, right groin, extends into the hip and leg, < walking; pain pulling, pinching, left hypochondrium; cutting pains, < before stool.
Rectum: stool sudden, involuntary.
Limbs: icy coldness of feet and hands; pulling in the metacarpal bones of left thumb; rheumatic drawing, beaten, thigh, < walking; pain bruised, gnawing, left thigh, < walking; pressure inward in the front of the knee-joint, during a walk; it even continues while at rest; it returns again on walking.