Jan Scholten

Neodymium fluoratum
Movie: We need to talk about Kevin.

This is one of the hardest and toughest remedy personalities. Both Neodymium and Fluorine build a wall, a coat of armour around them. Neodymium is tough, hiding his anxiety. Fluorine feels like an outcast and thus is indifferent of what other people think of him. Fluorine has retired from society because he feels that people see him as bad.
Neodymium fluoratum is a good remedy for people in martial arts.

Proving their autonomy on their own
Proving their autonomy through crime
Proving their autonomy when rejected
A criminal rascal
Courageous lonely criminal
Proving to be independent against crime: security guard
Challenge of being autonomous when rejected
Initiated into the inner world without moral judgment
Daredevil to become autonomous and shiny
Proving yourself with sex
Rascal prostitute
Courage to break taboos

Proving their autonomy when rejected
They want to prove their autonomy against all odds. They want to prove for themselves that they are the ones in control and no one else. They have to do that because they have the feeling that they are someone without value, a nobody. This is often the result of a period of being rejected, especially if they were rejected as a child.

Proving to be independent against crime: security guard
They want to prove their strength and power in extreme situations like fighting crime. There they can show their independence and stay firm in all danger. They can become a policeman or security guard.

A criminal rascal
They can also develop in the other direction and become a criminal themselves. They can feel so rejected by society that they don't care anymore about moral values. They shut off from their own feelings and those of others and can become hard and slick. But they commit their crime mostly on their own, proving that they are independent. They can often do their crimes in a funny way, so that others can laugh about it. They want to prove that they decide what's moral or not.

Daredevil to become autonomous and shiny
They are very courageous and can do all kinds of dangerous things like being a stunt man, a fighter, boxer and trapeze artiste. But they do it to show that they are independent and free. So they prefer to do things on their own, not working in a group. And they do it in order to become glossy, someone special and accepted in the world of glamour.