Jan Scholten

Metrosideros tremuloides

Desire to impress, with cheap clothing, jewellery, too much.
Getting power, greatness, warmth and energy from a group of like-minded souls.
Spiritual; connected with spirits, angels.
Sexual, explosive, aware; attractive.
Exuberant, lively, extrovert, intense, extreme, wild, inconstant, capricious, vivacious.
Fine, refined, delicate, beautiful; sensitive.
Cheerful; light.
Frisky, playful; curious; colourful, creative; circus, juggler with balls.
Strong, aggression, harsh, violent, fleshy, red blood; tough.
Commanding; nasty, attacking suddenly, dictator showing who he is.
Direct, energetic, active, acting out, outgoing.
Decadent; averse to straight measured life.
Open versus hidden, closed.
Not connected, really belonging.
Threatened; sticky, luring, fragile, danger.
Woman and children hiding during war time, avoiding capture, lots of tears.
Panic: feeling torn to pieces, want to hold oneself together, powerless, no escape possible.
Restless, hunted; hurry, things are too much, time is too short.
Themes: exploding, volcano; fire; arrows.

Sensation: bloody needles; torn, shredded.
Weather: flash of heat; cold and empty on one side, other side is soft and warm.
Sweat: hot, palms.

General: cancer.
Head: headache from the neck, extending upward to around ears; skull opening.
Ears: pain, right.
Nose: itches, sneezing.
Face: neurotic tingling, left cheek.
Lungs: breathing shallow.
Heart: violent palpitations.
Chest: something behind sternum; hole, right side; stitching, tube-like.
Stomach: weak; tingling.
Abdomen: rumbling.
Female: menses painful; conscious of uterus.
Back: itch; pain in neck.
Limbs: heavy hands; tingling lower arm, ulnar, more left sided; itch on left thumb, above left ankle, left side of nose and on left side of back, left later right.